How We Work

Our project framework and rigorous project management ethos, provides a safe and tested method to deliver a wide variety of infrastructure projects.

Who We Are

We are a newly emerged Technical Service provider company with highly enthusiastic, energetic and tech savvy manpower. The strength of our company lies in rich experience of its people, who comes from divers background.

Using in-depth field surveys, we prepare different scenarios that consider all aspects of the project: financial, economical, technical, regulatory and service delivery. Right from the start, we devise a partnership that shares both risk and benefits.
DRA DOORSTEP SOLUTIONS will deliver a comprehensive design of the required infrastructure solution. The partnership approach ensures that both parties have an interest to develop a cost effective, efficient and mutually beneficial design.
We work closely with our partners to establish project economics, legal structure and where required propose changes to regulation to ensure the solution is viable over the complete lifecycle..
Our construction division brings a wealth of skills and experience in delivering large scale infrastructure on time and budget.
Whether operating infrastructure of our own design and construction or taking over existing assets, DRA DOORSTEP SOLUTIONS apply the highest standards. We commit to placing the most competent professionals to develop and train new employees to manage the asset in an efficient and safe manner.
Where possible, we will propose the adoption of reuse strategies which can generate additional revenue. This can include the reuse of by products which have proven in the past to be beneficial from an environmental and revenue generating perspective.

Our Vision

Be recognized as the leader in delivering innovative environmental and infrastructure solutions which benefit communities in India today and into the future.

Our Goal

Maintaining safety and reliability while Maximizing PROFIT are core Goal of Plant Operation for DRA DOORSTEP SOLUTIONS

Something About Our Best Redefined O&M Services

We provide clients with Performance based O&M services, which is effectively managed by technically qualified personnel.

Optimum Plant Availability

Minimizing the Maintenance cost

Optimization of Inventory

Reduce Downtime and Surprise Breakdowns